By using available technology to the full, you can significantly reduce both costs and risks of your projects and make your business more profitable.

Most users spend their time using different applications and content sources with the consequent loss of productivity. Moreover, a lot of information is still filed on personal desktops or sprawled in content silos, with the consequences we all know. ProcessNet's approach for project-driven business processes leverages OpenText's Connected Business Workspace technology. A Business Workspace is a Digital Twin to a real-world object like a customer, an employee, or a project, which is managed in a business application. Workspace technology provides the ability to aggregate content, data, people, tasks related to a common business process. This enables users to manage their critical information at the enterprise, line of business, and personal level by bridging silos. Moreover, OpenText technology allows users to access content in the context they are familiar with - e.g. the digital business platforms commonly used in their organization, such as SAP®, Microsoft®, Salesforce®, and Oracle®. We help our customers to use operating models and functionalities that leverage features already embedded on OpenText® digital business platforms and to integrate them with their existing digital landscape. We can deliver ProjectVault's pre-packaged solutions for Opentext Extended ECM when organizations require additional features to differentiate their business.

Increase user productivity through access and share information

Increase process productivity through content in context technology

Improve information control & governance around a single source of truth