Our Approach

ProcessNet utilizes our fine-tuned, comprehensive and repeatable process called the Business Change Management Methodology (BCMM)

Most projects are late not because of a one-time event, but a collection of delays in resolving small questions and issues. Your project teams need to have on-going, detailed knowledge of a project's status in order to understand risks and identify when things aren't running smoothly. This will enable them to promptly react to the upcoming issue and to bring the project back on task. Individual silos and management hierarchies need to be overcome to create an environment where information is shared, and staff trust their peers to do their part. In order to face these challenges, ProcessNet proposes an approach based on a combination of "best practices" and "digitally enabled processes" which is implemented through the use of a proprietary methodology (BCMM) that ProcessNet has developed based on project management space experience. ProcessNet applies BCMM methodology for the professional services it offers, whether they are Consulting, Technology or Operations Support.

Business Change Management Methodology [BCMM]

Over our years of on-site experience, ProcessNet has fine-tuned our comprehensive and repeatable management process. Designed for managing rapid business change in complex organizations, we call this our Business Change Management Methodology [BCMM]. The BCMM methodology is the best practice that defines what work should be completed to achieve a specific set of results. Work is defined in terms of both specific deliverables and the activities needed to produce those deliverables.

BCMM execution addresses the following success factors:
  • Clarifies and promotes the overall business vision
  • Identifies measurable and traceable benefits and set KPIs
  • Coordinates changes to processes, organization, systems and infrastructure
  • Fosters 'net attitude' at all levels of the client's internal organization
  • Brings all critical interactions with external counterparts under control
The quality of the services we offer is ensured by the method we use.

Fast project deliveries and milestones

Full exploiting of digital business platforms

Well-informed project teams

On-the-job enablement and training