Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Capital investment drives economic growth with a approximately 14 percent of global GDP and a growing share of this is spent on projects larger than US $1 billion

The performance of large capital projects across sectors has been historically poor and prone to overruns. Troublingly, large capital projects that are completed on schedule and within budget are the exception, not the rule.

With many years' experience working on complex projects and transactions, our team brings together world-class best practice in the domain of infrastructure projects and assets operation.

We increase the collaboration of your teams and optimize your project organizations with the right capabilities for capital excellence, and apply best-in-breed digital technologies that are changing the way projects are planned, built, and operated.

We can help to streamline all business processes required to support Engineering, Procurement, Construction projects execution, to then hand over all relevant documents and information to their Asset management for long term operations and maintenance.

Planning and managing documents and information exchange among owners, contractors and sub-contractors in a flexible and organized manner are what we believe we can help you to do best.

Industries we support:

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Government
  • Project Management Services