ProcessNet Partners

ProcessNet maintains trusted and long-term relationships with partners operating in the same domain

In many cases the level of complexity and the context in which a project is placed and the objectives the customers are willing to achieve requires additional features to add to existing digital business platforms. This is why we maintain valuable relationships with business partners who are familiar with Opentext, Microsoft, SAP and other market leading technologies we use to run our projects.

Among them, a special connection tights ProcessNet to our sister company ProjectVault, an OpenText technology partner providing solutions for OpenText Content Suite and Opentext Extended ECM. While ProcessNet acts as a trusted advisor, ProjectVault provides additional functionalities that digital platforms require to meet specific business requirements. In particular, ProjectVault has developed a set of features to support project-driven business processes by securing both technical documents and technical correspondence treads generated during project execution.

migration-center is a vendor-certified content migration software that helps us to reduce costs, manage risks, increase productivity, and accelerate the go-live of new ECM applications. Opentext Content Suite/Extended ECM is very often introduced in an organization with the aim of consolidating and harmonizing  existing document silos onto a single platform. Onboarding legacy documents is a prerequisite for most of the collaboration/workflow automation processes a customer may want to introduce. We rely on migration-center to make this happen rapidly and seamlessly.