Delivering successful projects requires the right teams, capabilities, information flows, and well defined responsibilities, operating models and practices.

The level of complexity, replicability and the context in which a project is placed in many cases requires an in-depth analysis of the critical aspects and of the objectives the customers are willing to achieve.

In the Capital Projects & Infrastructures Industry many large capital projects are exposed to potential delays and cost overruns.

In the Energy & Utilities Industry, the growing use of renewables in the energy mix is leading deep changes in the way we power our cars, heat our homes and power our industries

In the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Industry to deliver products to the market, manufacturers must adhere to extremely tight and stressful timelines.

No matter what industry you work within, all projects have objectives, a budget, timescale and human resources assigned. All projects rely on documents, correspondence, data and other contents on whose quality, availability, updating and timeliness the success of the project depends.

ProcessNet Consulting activities are aimed at supporting our customers in addressing these challenges in the early stages of preparation and launch of a project and / or its execution. In particular we support our customers to:

  • Identify the best practices, operating models and digital technology that best suits each project.
  • Organize internal and external information flows, including scope changes, keeping your project team well informed throughout
  • Define SMART KPIs and tracking dashboards to collect, group, organize and visualize your project's most important metrics
  • Provide training and ongoing support to take full advantage of digital technologies and best practices

Identify the best practices

Organize information flows

Define SMART KPIs and dashboards

Provide training