Operations Support

By means of a dedicated source of competence for document/correspondence controlling and management, you keep your project current and accurate

Projects and portfolios typically have large volumes of highly specialized and unstructured documentation associated with them, including contracts, images, engineering drawings, technical specifications, schedules, inspection reports, and claims.

Most projects are late not because of a one-time event, but a collection of delays in resolving small questions and issues.

Having project content constantly updated and shared helps team members to have a detailed understanding of the project's status and to promptly react to upcoming issues.

Many organizations therefore not only need support to organize activities in the early stages of the project setup, but also to perform daily activities during project execution.

We help organizations throughout their project lifecycle by providing a single source of competence about document/correspondence controlling and management in order to:

  • Keep project content current
  • Manage information flows, including scope changes
  • Organize contents, in all formats/localizations, in a single repository
  • Consolidate communication treads

Keep project content current

Manage informations flows

Preserve a single repository

Consolidate communication treads