ProcessNet’s Professional Services Offering is designed to best match client’s business requirements.
Such business requirements are made unique for each customer by its business strategy, organization and culture.
In ProcessNet we call our colleagues “associates” and each of us belongs to one of the 8 standard profiles shown below:


Each profile describes the IT and/or organizational competencies an associate can deliver to our customers as part of our professional services offer.
Depending on the scope and goals of ProcessNet’s involvement, we have identified a 3 layer approach: by Program, by Project, by Service


by programThis is the optimum approach to introduce effective and valuable business change. Absolute commitment of the client’s top management is it’s only, vital, prerequisite. The CEO himself must sponsor, supervise and reward the initiative.
Business Change Management Methodology will provide the framework to monitor each step of the initiative and check expected deliverables.
ProcessNet’s team will be in a position to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge at all levels, and to effectively cooperate with the client’s internal bodies (e.g. P&O, Quality…).
ProcessNet’s offer will follow the “5x5” BCMM steps. This allows us to trace and reflect on each milestone in the commercial agreement.


a_progetto2We apply a standard project management methodology to deliver a subset of the Business Change Program and/or to manage IT projects.
The former situation occurs when a client has already initiated a Business Change Program and has sufficient internal high-level skills to manage the whole process.
In this case, ProcessNet will take responsibility for one or more subsets of the initiative, providing the client’s team with tailored skills and resources.
The latter situation is typical for ICT projects, such as Infrastructure, or Security and Application Development ones. It also applies to ProcessNet’s vertical solutions in the areas of:

  • Project Management,
  • Document Management,
  • Workflow Management
  • Collaboration.


by serviceMany companies often realize that they need highly specialized resources just for a limited period of time and for specific purposes.
This situation is very common when major organizational changes occur (company merger, takeover etc) and when it comes to manage large projects whose impact on the overall business is critical.
ProcessNet’s “by Service” approach is the answer: we can offer consulting services for the whole set of our core competences. We provide our clients with high calibre professionals who will take responsibility for a specific activity, a project or a temporarily vacant role in the client’s organization.