BCMM A0Everything an enterprise does, involves change. Ordinarily, change occurs as the enterprise executes its business processes to carry out routine work.

Improving business performance often becomes necessary in response to business inputs from a wide range of sources. Business performance comes from the execution of business processes. Performance improvements can therefore only be achieved through the improvement of business processes.

New, unique initiatives are required to improve business processes so that some of the current business state will reach the desired future state. Nevertheless changing business processes is not enough.

Related factors such as organization structures, roles, human resource capabilities, facilities and systems also need to change in order to support renewed business processes, thus ensuring the successful transformation of the entire business.

ProcessNet has finetuned a comprehensive and repeatable process called Business Change Management Methodology [BCMM] to manage rapid business change in complex organizations.

Our BCMM methodology is the best practice that defines what work should be completed to achieve a specific set of results. Work is defined in terms of both specific deliverables and the activities needed to produce those deliverables. BCMM consists of 5 major steps each of them split into 5 sets of activities (we also refer to it as the “5x5 approach”).