BCMM A5During the roll-out phase, all areas of change are tested together in the business environment to generate confidence that everything is ready to “go live.” During this phase business users and support teams also receive appropriate training concerning the new processes and associated systems, organization and infrastructure.
Once changes have been tested and it has been proven that the solution will work in a “live” environment, the components of the solution are implemented. Following the implementation, all processes are brought up to target performance levels in a rapid and controlled way.
This is carried put as follows:

  • Test all the areas of change together
  • Implement all the components of the solution
  • Supervise change management
  • Hand-over project to support team
  • Bring all processes up to target performance

As an optional module for this phase, a set of process performance measures can be defined and agreed. Typically these measures are used in the period following the “go live” stage of the newly implemented processes in order to monitor the achievement of the expected benefit and/or facilitate Post Implementation Reviews.