Our approach is based on coaching customer’s internal resources in order to enable them to develop all the technical and managerial skills they need to carry out their projects.
ProcessNet’s typical working approach consists of visible and quick to implement processes and tools, the benefit of which are soon perceived by a wide range of employees throughout the company. The effectiveness of these quick wins is essential to trigger further change.

To best pursue this goal ProcessNet has focused its R&D on the following 2 technologies:

  • EIM (Enterprise Information Management) and
  • PPM (Project & Portfolio Management)

Our basic assumption is that most of the added value a company provides to its customers, depends on the effectiveness of its business processes.

The connective tissue of a business is made up of a network of uniquely combined key processes.

ProcessNet’s professionals will help you identify critical processes, and develop/implement a tailored functional model, which will comply with both the company’s budget and its medium term business objectives.

Your managers are going to be personally involved in a “Program for Change” which they will be responsible for and which they will be asked to drive to completion.

To make sure this happens in a timely and efficient way we will supply all the necessary technical skills and ensure rigorous Program Management.

To ensure a real and long-lasting effect of a Business Change Program, we always maximize customer’s internal resource involvement and contribution. Moreover we will prepare the roll-out phase by creating a homogenous and widespread knowledge of both processes and tools.